Major Black Out in San Diego County

Millions  lose power as far south as Baja Mexico, north to Orange County, and east to Arizona, after Operation error. What do you do during a black out? In the age of technology I feel helpless. I don’t have the world at the tip of my fingers.  I was in the Southwestern College Sun News Room when it happened. Editing a paper. I don’t recall being really effected by a black out until now. The little information I got came from tweets from the newsroom and AM 600, NPR 8.95 didn’t work.

Our Journalistic instincts kick it as a couple of us find a story. Looking for immediate effects of the blackout. The library, the Ceazar E. Chavez building, and cafeteria were evacuated. A stroll around campus reveals people dealing with the blackout within the first hour.

At 7:49 I hear news of power back on in Laguna Miguel and also in eastern TJ and parts of Bonita.

The Sun News Editor and I go to a coffee cart on campus to see immediate effects. The register didn’t work. And the shop had a good amount of people beginning to form a line. I walk around school to see any developing stories. I got a chance to see the build up at the bus stops. There was a SWCPD cop car in front of the Caesar E Chavez Building.  There was a woman stuck in the elevator, the officers had just got her out. One of them had a bag of prying looking tools. They declined to give a statement. Members of the ASO began to put up “ No Class signs”

When I started making my way home I got my chance to listen to the radio. I was listening to AM 600 they were talking about how many people being effect. The highways were massively clogged full of drivers making their way home early. My Mom had to wait in Sorrento Valley for a few hours before she could get home. A mini panic seemed to be induced on the streets. There were several mini collisions at stoplights that didn’t work.

There was a sudden urge to get in contact with loved ones.  Stores were closing.

There were a massive amount of people at the bus stop at the intersection of H street and Broadway in Chula Vista. I seemed to get a taste of an apocalyptic situation. The blackouts happened so close to the anniversary of 9/11 people though of a terrorist attack.  This though never crossed my mind.

Luckily my family had a crank radio and a couple lanterns, we were set. Not knowing how long the power would be out we tried to prepare. My dad pulled out the shotgun and loaded it. This would be the time people could start trouble.

My neighborhood was a buzz, all the character from my hood where out. I walked down my street, AM 600 echoed throughout people trying to get the most up to dat news on the situation.  On my walk I witness two people talking from vehicle to vehicle one yells to the other, “ Be safe lock and load.”  San Diego is mildly tempered enough I wasn’t worried.

My power came on around 10:00 PM.  I enjoyed being reminded of how much we depend on electricity and it was a great experience to hear the story unfolding. Reporters reporting on breaking news, AWESOME.  Time to forget about the black out now. Props to SDG&E for getting the power back up.

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