@occupySD. [my reporting from over a year ago]

Bandanas and Guy Fauwkes masks are standard garb at a protest. Occupy San Diego a branch of Occupy Wall Street started Friday October 7th. It had overwhelming support in San Diego with over 1000 occupants showing up the first day. The occupants marched from San Diego Civic Center to Children’s Park through the streets. All types of demographics showed up to support the end of corporate greed and money buying politicians, young and old rallied for the cause. The Second day it lost a little steam but still had hundreds of people and looked strong.  Throughout the week the movement has struggled with leadership.

Occupant and City College student Kevin “MacMac” McCoy gives his take on the lack leadership and the whole movement while lying down in the media tent.

“Our group here in SD is dysfunctional.” said McCoy he added that people who are in leadership positions are making it too much about their egos.

“This is an awakening that is happening around the world” said McCoy,

“I believe it is part of the whirling rainbow prophecy, the flower children will witness great change in the world and there will be much pain in this change but it will bring equality and wholeness to the human race.”

McCoy tries to emphasize this is bigger than San Diego and the occupants leaders aren’t understanding this concept.

“There are marchers like me that truly believe in something,” said McCoy, “and there are marchers that are gonna march because it is a way of instilling fear. One of the anarchists I met was a very nice guy.” Said McCoy, “That is his right but when their leaders recruit and stir the pot and create aggression its like we are supposed to be its like we are supposed to attck the police.”

McCoy told his parents he would be occupying.

“Hey I’m going to occupy San Diego please keep your phone on so you can bail me out,” said McCoy,  “my parents said they aren’t in the position to do that because they are marching too.”

With the police issued order as of Thursday night to remove all tents in the Civic Center, it could prove to be a devastating blow to the San Diego branch.

“The SDPD has been nothing but fair to us and they have communicated honestly with us what more could you ask for?” said McCoy, “My heart is kind of broken but then again tomorrow will be a new day.”

Dave from Boston feels if the occupants leave Thursday night they have lost the battle.

“People are backing down and leaving they are taking their tents,” said Boston “ Giving up without a fight.”

Some occupants will be making their way to Balboa Park. Boston will not follow, he said he would stay at the Civic Center as long as he could. His major problem with the move is, ”Balboa Park is not a financial or political place.” Said Boston, “They want to put us there so we are not noticed that is the only reason they want us out of the way so we wont be seen.

Boston leaves quoting JFK, “When peaceful revolution is impossible violent revolution is inevitable.”

“I got stabbed in my side August 27 and I was a trauma patient August 28” said Lisa Marie Michael, a homeless woman. “10 days after they did this they sent me home with a gaping wound from right below my rib cage below my belly button”

Michelle is occupying because of the way the health care system treats the homeless. Being on the street her wounds couldn’t heal properly nor did she have the correct materials to keep it clean.

“I can’t do this by my self how am I supposed to pack my own wounds?” said Michael, “We need hospital care that cares about the homeless.”

Michelle feels the occupation is helping her and her boy friend with their situation.

“I am one of the homeless that sleep on the outside and this is one of the best things that happened for us. Said Michael, “The only reason that they want to uproot us is that they don’t want the us in downtown SD.”

Everyone is homeless-phobic”

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