Dec, 21, 2012

Japanese Internment camps, happened then could happen again.

Japanese Internment camps, happened then could happen again.

“Some say the end is near some say we’ll see Armageddon soon. I certainly hope we will. I sure could use a vacation from this…” Ænima Tool.

With the world on the edge of a fiscal cliff, the Mayan calendar soon coming to an end and the threat super diseases 2012 is a scary place.

The ancient Mayans marked the end of their calendar cycle, December 21, 2012. The last time the calendar renewed itself they believed Quetzalcoatl god of intelligence and self-reflection would come from the eastern sea. Instead of being greeted by the feathered serpent god they collided with the old world. Hernan Cortez and his modern army marched into Meso-America and ushered in a new era a disease, slavery and control for the native population.

Could this happen in our Modern age? Naysayers will disagree dismissing conspiracy kooks, and religious wackos then carry on with life. While the others cling to their guns and their bibles and prepare for end times.

Raptures, solar flairs, meteor strikes, pandemics or all out nuclear war could be the calamitous ending to the world, as we know it. Many sources have pointed to 2012 being a significant year in the ebb and flow of the universe, including Nostradamus, Hopi Indians and the Bible. It is a recurring theme through time and has been embraced by Hollywood and the media.

Many other end time theories have passed with no result. May 21, 2011, the world was supposed to end, if you remember those end times billboards on highways, with the rapture. The media scare was the work of Christian radio host Harold Camping based on biblical numerology. Dec. 21, 2012 could pass with similar results, just as the Y2K millennium panic and many others.

Professor of Art History and author of  “2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya” Mark Van Stone has been interviewed on several shows debunking the 2012 predictions. or 4 ajaw 3 K’ank’ in is the date the Maya calendar is renewed after 13 bactums (intervals of 400 years) entering a new beginning.

Stone says there are many reasons why Mayan prediction is false. Starting with the fact, there is simply not enough data. 99% of Mayan artifacts have yet to be dug out of the ground. Most of these allegations of the end are drawn from one broken stone monument and a crudely written book from the 18th century. The ending of the world in December 21, 2012 is contradictory to other sources of Mayan artifacts depicting Queztelquatl returning 40 years from 2012 and many Mayan hieroglyphs have been manipulated, unlike the Koran or Bible where scriptures would stay the same Mayans built upon their glyphs. They did not believe in correction. If a Mayan stone carver were to mess up on a carving he would carry on. The Mayan did not correct their mistakes.  This is because they believed god willed the mistake. So who knows how many mistakes where actually made.

The actual Mayan prophecy is not explicit, it states that the demi god Chilam Balamwill “get dressed” this means to perform a ceremony for the people, ushering in something like creation. Along with the ceremony comes a green bird and the second coming of the feathered serpent it is also stated there will be blood vomit in 2012. What can be interpreted as blood vomit in the 21st century?

Canadian scientists have growing concerns over an air borne interspecies Ebola virus. Ebola is one of the deadliest illnesses on the planet normally transmitted through blood. An air borne strain would be deadly for the human race, causing epidemic or pandemic like situations. Ebola basically rots out your insides. Extreme hemorrhaging of internal organs is the cause of death. A virus that deadly and efficient at spreading could certainly cull the herd that is humanity in 2012. Much like the Mayan prophesy Ebola could cause humans to bleed out of every orifice and vomit blood.

Government does not help the 2012 pandemonium, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) may know something or is taking precautionary measures in case of an epidemic in the states. FEMA and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have been accumulating and storing stackable plastic tubs known as casket liners across the country. The casket liners are big enough to hold three to four bodies and seal up with a reinforced lid, which are stackable. These casket liners would control disease from spreading containing the infected corpses. In one Georgia soybean field they had as many as 500,000 of these disposable coffins, the CDC leased the land for storage.

FEMA has also been setting up what they have been calling on the Internet, “internment camps” across the country. This is perhaps anticipating Martial Law being called upon by the U.S. government due to epidemic or a plunge off the fiscal cliff.

All constitutional rights go out the window and the public will be subject to relocation. They may use the same fear tactics to round up the Japanese during WWII, hiding their actions under the guise of national security. 2013 might be the year we see the establishment of the new world order. It is all just hear say and conspiracies, all one can do is keep calm and carry on.


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