This clown was selling newspapers in Tijuana B,C. California.


Don Flores the Beast poses for a photo on Fifth Avenue and F Street in Downtown San Diego.

Don Flores the Beast poses for a photo on Fifth Avenue and F Street in Downtown San Diego.

He has taken the name from the bible for the devil, the false prophet, in other words bad news.

The Beast has become somewhat of a fixture on the corner of F Street and Fifth Ave in Downtown San Diego.

“I stood out here looking at ass and the women were really attracted to me all the guys got mad and started calling me names, so I had to put on a mask. They got jealous.”

Hence the reason why he wears his Lucha Libre mask.

I asked him why a Shakeweight he responded, “It’s hilarious.” He is in it to get famous.

“I stand here for hours might as well work out,” said Flores.”I’ve been out here for years the people take pictures of me. Word gets around people put me on the internet, they give me tips, I pick up chicks too.”

“Hookers,” he mumbled.

He was asked to pose for a pic and said, “Can I get a buck for a cheeseburger.” in a gruff voice. They gave it to him after a mobile picture was snapped.

“I get in fights out here all the time, one time I got into a fight with five lady Marines, they jumped me. I kicked their ass. They wanted to go to jail so they didn’t go to Iraq or something. I beat there ass,” said Flores. “I been in alot of fights out here, there are alot of crazy people out here. I got muscles I look like a ‘wrastler.’ I was a  professional boxer and martial artist. I knocked their ass out.”

He says the the mentally ill relate to him because he is different, as a man praises The Beast in the streets. He told him to take his medication and sent him along.

I asked him if their was anything else he would like to tell me.

“I’m a mad scientist, mad doctor I study medicine on my own, science, physics,”claiming to conduct experiments on humans.

He said he couldn’t go into further detail because he is under investigation by several government entities, and said he has been arrested four times for murder and assult with a deadly weapon.


Emily Rose from the Syfy Show Haven Based on Stephen King’s book The Colorado Kid at Sidebar in Downtown San Diego. Comic Con 2013 Thursday.


Tom Kenny Voice of Spongebob Squarepants autographs pictures of the sponge infront of the Hardrock Hotel. Downtown San Diego Comic Con 2013 Thursday.


Molly Quinn from the ABC show Castle gets annoyed by autograph hunter. Downtown San Diego Comic Con 2013 Thursday.


Blake from Workaholics.


Is this girl from Walking Dead?


“Adult Film Star and cosplay legend Tanya Tate.”


Jessie Heiman from the Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial. He made out with beautiful Brazilian Bar Rafaeli and is the focus of JESSE HEIMAN: World’s Greatest Extra Documentary.



A Restore the Fourth rally supporter holds up a sign in Balboa Park in San Diego California as a performer on stilts plays to the crowd to the beat of a drum.


Rally supporters march throught the halls of Balboa Park.


A man rides his bike with a “Don’t Tread on Me,” flag with a patch that reads, “Spy,” pinned over “Tread.” lel.


Privacy advocates march past the Museum of Man in Balboa Park.


Lone guard doing his job at Copley Symphony Hall as the ‎#restorethefourth rally gets ready to submit a list of demands to Sen. Diane Feinstien.


A model drone perched above the Restore the Fourth rally in Balboa Park.


Supporters hold up signs condemning the government spying.


Privacy Supporters hold up signs. #dontspyonmebro


Wake up.


Restore the Fourth supporters start their march to Copley Symphony Hall to deliver a list of demands to the offices of Senator Dianne Feinstein.


On the march down Sixth Ave.


Supporters March in the street across Cabrillo Bridge.


Guy with Leftover Crack shirt rallies for the Fourth Amendment.


Privacy is security.


A man is seen above protest signs on a street light.


America’s Finest City.


Restore the Fourth supporters march down Sixth Avenue in downtown San Diego.




A Southwest Airlines flight descends into the San Diego international airport during the Restore the Fourth rally as the supporters march down Sixth Avenue.


San Diego Police Department escort the March down the Sixth Avenue in Downtown San Diego.


Restore the Forth supporters peer into Copley Symphony Hall after security refused to take a writen set of demands and lists of signatures ins support of more privacy.


Restore the Fourth Chalk up Copley Symphony Hall after security refused to accept a set of demands made buy supporters.


Kegs and barrels are seen in front of brewing vats at Green Flash Brewery in San Diego Calif.


A Green Flash poster is seen hung above the bottling line.



Beer barrels being stored.


A brewers tools.


A Green Flash keg in front of a wall of Kegs.


The large vats used to brew beer.

GF9 The bottling machine at Green Flash held up by old gun mounts thanks to the handy work of Brew Master Chuck Silva.