Number 1

CaseyNeistat  is the first youtuber on this list. He tops my list because he delivers quality content daily, I pretty much wake up and watch him for a small dose of inspiration to conquer the day. A filmmaker turned daily vlogger in New York City, we get a chance to follow Niestat in the exploits of his daily  life. He uploads daily at 8 A.M. EST, unless he is jet lagged or has terribly slow internet in Cuba that one time. Fans know his son, wife and one year old, and his other baby Beme a tech company based on video sharing. These aspects are seen always in his daily content, oh and the Boosted Board. The reason I love Casey’s vlog is because he is what it looks like when you push yourself to be the best you can be. “Do more,” is one of mottos and he has it tattooed backwards on his forearm as to be read perfectly in the mirror it was also one of his most popular web film. His early youtube content is a lot of awesome traveling and work he has done in the sphere of commercial web advertisement for brands like Nike and J. Crew. Usually he is the star of his films even before he started his daily stuff. I came across his DIY content and have been a fan since the start of his announcement of becoming a daily. Watching Casey daily has been very inspiring as far as being a content creator. He says, “At all costs make something.” Thanks Casey!

Number 2

Galadon’s Clash of Clans Attacks and Mobile Gaming

“Welcome fellow fans of Clash of Clans,” Yes good ol’ Gallydon is my source for all that is clashing. I play clash of clans semi-regularly, TH8 yo! I’m putting Galadon on this list because he is another reliable youtuber delivering daily content. He has a radio personality in his clash videos consisting mainly of attack replays at the highest levels of the game. He has an on going series to be ranked the number one player on the mobile gaming app. I’d like to note his breakdowns of updates is his strongest suite. Clash is a mobile game created by Supercell. There is  a lot of technology coding and game balancing that goes into the updates and he provides digestible content for the slighly more than casual gamer. If you like the game you might like his channel.

Number 3

“It’s ya boy DJ Akademiks,” DJ Akademiks is a great personality in the hip hop sphere of youtube. He uses his communication background to report off the cuff hip hop news. I found his channel looking into rap beefs. GAME and Stiches, Drizzy and Milly, you know, I’m interested in these things. Although he doesn’t drop content daily he does upload several videos weekly. He uses a lot of his skill in I would have to assume Journalism to pick up some documents in court cases involving rappers. His voice is also so present in the scene he gets offered exclusive content and  he is communicating with a lot of these artists camps and media. If you are down with some hip hop and news check him out.

Number 4

FrankJavCee is a hilariously ironic dude who teaches tutorials for random genres of electric music. I laugh alot at his dank meme laden content. His channel panders to musicians and producers and millennials like myself. If you like Fruity Loops FL studio and want to produce some random music in genre such as Witch House (My fave), Vaporwave, Gabber or Bubble Gum Bass or TRAP check out his Channel. He talks a lot about what the ass dead dicks (aesthetics) of the new electric genres and how they contribute to the sounds of the music. I think he is a very talented content creator, he uploads maybe once a week.

Number 5



Number 6


Number 7

CPG Grey. Ok this guy is an all time favorite, he has amazing fun and informative videos,  breaking down some complex topics. I just wish he would upload a bit more. Although when he does drop a vid they are usually something I enjoy and I get a nice packet of information. He has a rundown of misconceptions which is nice oh and can you tell me what the United Kindom is exactly? How about strange borders and geography, Grey explains some crazy things most of us don’t know. Like how to Become the pope or The City of London, its not London they are different, go figure. Holland vs, Netherlands, Scandinavia the Royal Crown. There are several awesome videos on his channel, I highly recommend him.

Number 8

Gavin Hoey is an amazing photographer.Unfortunately Hoey doesn’t keep up with his channel anymore although he is working working with Adorama. He has always been one of my favorite photography based channels on youtube. He mostly talks about talks about different techniques to use in photoshop with his detailed tutorials. He also has several videos on camera technique and 15 minute photo challenges.

Number 9



It is 6 a.m. and class starts in four hours. The journey begins in an apartment on a hill in Tijuana. It is a hazy Friday morning and the only thing between class and the student is an arbitrary boundary between two countries and the line of people to get into the U.S. We begin our decent down the large hill from the gated community, passing some of Tijuana’s most modern architecture and plain looking cinder block homes. The street has cracks, bumps and potholes through out as we jostle down the road.
Weathered posters for past entertainment events such as bullfighting and musical acts in town hang askew and have the color beaten away by the sun. We travel by car to the border. When we get to the bottom of the hill, we stop at an OXXO convenient store, similar to 711 back in the states. My eyes are heavy as I wait to pay for a Guava juice. Everyone else in the store is getting ready for their day with a coffee and quick bite to eat. One man has an issue of La Zeta Tijuana’s newspaper in hand, San Diego’s UT is on the news racks miles into TJ right next to it. We finish up our purchases and head to the border.

Tijuana’s morning rush hour is hectic. Haphazard driving and quick maneuvers are done in a flash keeping the roads moving in a chaotic dance to get from A to B. Our destination is about five minutes from the hill we came down from. We drive past newspaper salesmen and vendors getting their carts ready for the day. The student and I park the car in a day parking lot a few minutes walk to the port of entry. Most of the car lots had filled capacity by 7 a.m. Operators of the lots said they had been filled since 5 a.m. We made our way to the line to cross in.

The highway exit, which becomes a two-line road, was at a stand still. Along the road, food vendors and merchants worked in the exhaust of the idling cars. The two lanes multiply into many gates based on the Ready-Lane/Sentri cardholders and general population traveling into the states. The Ready Lane pass and Sentri are known as Radio Frequency Identification. They are cards issued by the U.S. Government allowing for faster travel into the U.S. Ready Lane is a passport ID that comes with shorter wait times. Sentri pass is the same concept except it allows even faster cross times because of a pre-screening application process. The rest of the general population, with a paper passport or government issued ID have wait times of up to 4 hours at its worst.

The line was just up to first bridge leading to Downtown Tijuana. It was a welcomed sight compared to the usual line of bodies snaking up and then back down the street. We hoped in line. With the smell of churros in the morning air and the sun in just beginning to peak through the clouds, we waited.

In the distance I could hear a tune was being played crudely on a violin. The man playing the tune was a musical panhandler with a limp and crutch, the old man wore his the hood of his sweater under his cowboy hat. At the end of violin he has a cup of change he would shake at people incase they had any loose coin in their pockets to spare for his talent. He kept walking down the line playing his crude melody and shaking his cup. We started to make our steps closer to the US.

Once at the actual line, which divides the United States and Mexico to enter the states, travelers must enter a gate where there is another line to wait in. At this point travelers are on U.S. soil. The line now leads to a Customs and Border Patrol officer who will look at the travelers Identification and ask where they are headed and why through general population lines.

Once all was said and done we had been waiting in line to cross the border for approximately two hours. Once across and at the San Ysidro trolley stop, it was 9:25 am, I was not going to make it to class on time. I still had to take the trolley and then a bus to campus. Tickets can be bought at the trolly kiosk. A day pass costs five dollars plus two more dollars if you do not have a Compass Pass. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System’s trolley comes every 15 minutes to the San Ysidro stop. Four stops from the border is where I got off, Palomar Trolly station. Luckily the 712 bus east to Southwestern College had not departed, I hoped on.

Before I knew it the bus had gotten to Southwestern College. It took roughly 45 minutes to travel the 10 miles from the San Ysidro port of entry to the Southwestern College campus and more than double that to cross via the General population line into the United States. More than two hours to travel the length of a couple of football fields, and that was on a good day. I ended up being 25 minutes late to class.

A dog sniffs the floor at the bottom of a stair case just entering Tijuana via San Ysidro border crossing.

A puppy at Playas Tijuana.

Two dogs play fight on the beach at Playas Tijuana.

A stray perro sits under a tree in TJ.

A stray sits next to a brick curb in Tijuana.

Dog walks along side woman on sidewalk near Rosarito, Baja Calif.

Dog hanging out side a shop with owner Rosarito, Baja Calif.

Dog a the border line, Tijuana, BC.

A dog curled up in street next to shopping cart of scap wood in Tijuana.


I have covered the Xoloitzcuintle de Caliente, Tijuana’s Soccer team for the Star News in Chula Vista several times. I go to the games and take pictures and report who won and how via photos. Everyone knows of the team but usually people don’t know exactly what a “xolo” is. It is a hairless dog dating back to the Aztecs. Here is one at Caliente Stadium in Tijuana. Aw he is even wearing a jersey.